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Good day peeps! As the title suggested, this is an official post that welcomes all of you into our humble LJ named chishii92. This journal is managed by 2 people who called themselves brother and sister but share no bloodline similarities with one another. The elder brother is named Yuzaki and the younger sister is named Aya. We met through the famous fandom of Johnny's Entertainment on the social network called Facebook. It was maybe fated or maybe sheer luck that we met out of the blue and became as close to each other as 2 Hydrogens bonding with an Oxygen to create water. Nothing can separate us apart. HAHAHA!!

The both of us aren't all new to Livejournal. We have old journals that we used to use. You guys can find out about our previous journal at our About Me(s). Chishii came to be when I (Yuzaki) decided to end my 4 years of hiatus and return to the fandom. I realized that trying to start a dead journal was harder than trying to start a dead car. So I decided to create a new journal but I felt like it would be lonely being alone in the page. After a few days thinking, I decided to bring Aya into the fold. Figuring out what to name our journal, we decided to combine the name of our ichiban(s) and we tried all sorts of things like Jesnen92, ChiJess92, YuWis92 and lots more. In the end, we decided to take Chi from Chinen and Shii from Jesse's katakana spelling. To make it weirder, we added 92 from the year of our birth. To know more about us, you guys can visit our personal About Me(s) by clicking the boxes below. :)


If you guys are interested in reading our works on wattpad, you guys can click down below...

I think it's obvious enough to you guys that this journal is partially Friend-Locked. For those new comers, that means that you have to add us and we have to add you back for you to access our locked posts. Not to be stingy or anything of sorts, we are doing this for the safety of our journal and our projects. To know how to be friends with us, it's simple cause all you have to do is read the Rules and Regulations (R&R) below and leave a comment using our format that will be provided below.

You guys can use the links in the sidebar to navigate our journal or just click on these 2 links below to get the journal's masterpost. The fictions masterposts' links are ALL PUBLIC meaning you can read our fictions without even being friends with us but the links in the downloads masterpost are ALL FRIEND-LOCKED unless stated otherwise. I think the project list has spoke for itself. It's where you can find the list of our projects. :)


  • Please introduce yourself using the format given below. It's so simple, just copy post the form's format and replace the example details with your own.

  • State clearly that you understand our R&R and you promise to follow it to the letter.

  • In any situation that you are downloading our subbed projects, please, please, please and please we beg of you, please DO NOT share it on any streaming sites like Youtube, Dailymotion and any other websites that are alike.

  • Please leave a comment of acknowledgement saying thank you or saying that you're taking our subs. It lets us know that what we do are appreciated.

  • All of our products will have our watermark on it and please DO NOT remove the watermarks. It took us a long period of time to translate and sub videos, transcripts, newsletter, etc. So please respect our work. Password is hidden somewhere in the WELCOME banner ^^^^.

  • Most importantly, DO NOT hotlink any of the links used by us. You can share a link directing people to our posts but please DO NOT hotlink our links.

  • We are NOT being cruel to people but it's for the safety of the subs we

  • Last but not least, for us to accept you after you leave a comment, please CLICK the Add Friend button if not, we WON'T add you.

(Added by Aya)

  • Please give us at least 24 to 48 hours to accept your application. Try to understand that we have our real lives to take care of, and sometimes real life can be really busy. After 48 hours that we have not responded to your application, you can send us a message here or to our facebook page. BUT DO NOT EVER FORCE OR RUSH US.

  • Once we have responded to your application and mentioned that YOU NEED TO ADD US FIRST, please leave a reply to our comment that you have added us already so we are aware.

  • WARNING! Sometimes there are people who can be really annoying to us and are ticking us off, there can be ways to annoy us: just be repeatitively annoying, forceful, push over, disrespectful, and being rude. If you repeatedy do this, I, AYA, am warning you. As the person doing the secretarial job in this journal and handling all the applications, I will not hesitate to ban you from this journal. Aside from that, don't hesitate to contact us when you have any concern at all.


! !
! !

NAME : Chinen Yuri
AGE : 23 (1993)
Fav. JE GROUP : Arashi
ICHIBAN : Ohno Satoshi
P/WORD : *If you DO NOT know this, it means you HAVE NOT read the R&R*
[The password will change from time to time so for new ones, don't ask others about the password or copy from other people's form. Please READ the R&R section.] Yes, it is there, just read the R&R section again if you cannot find it.
UNDERSTANDING : *state whether you agree with the R&R and you promise not to break it*
DO YOU WANT US TO ADD YOU ANYWHERE? : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Please insert your username. Not compulsary. *All information will NOT be shared, will be used only by me and Aya*

OTHERS : Hi! I hope to be friends with ya. Well, I love to eat gyoza and sleeping. It makes me happy everyday. I love the color green but hate the color orange since it makes my eyes hurt. *up to you what you wanna put*


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Yours Truly,
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