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[Fic] Collateral (Update)

Minna! I dunno whether this is a good news or not but I deleted the old entry of the fiction and re-write the whole thing.
The fiction's title will still be the same which is COLLATERAL but I changed the storyline and I decided to not put the Lore.
The ficition will be posted on Wattpad but I will update on this journal as well signalling you each time a new chapter is published.
I hope you guys like it! :)
If you do, please give me a star and leave a comment on wattpad. It will definitely boost my morale! :D <3

:: Synopsis ::

There were two prophecies that God gave mandkind before he went missing. A child shall be born on darkest day and another on the brightest night. The forces of heaven led by the Aegis Council and the forces of hell led by the Masters of Hell are getting ready for when the children of prophercy will bring either prosperity to earth or the Apocalypse....

Staring the members of Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWs, KAT-TUN, Arashi, ABC-z, Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin, Ito Hideaki, and more Johnny's Entertainment's talents as reference.
Also staring a few Original Characters, Chinen Yuzaki, Hongo Akira, Kusanagi Aya and a few more..

Tags: ; 7 : chinen yuri, ; 7 : morimoto ryutaro, ; 7 : nakajima yuto, ; 7 : okamoto keito, ; 7 : yamada ryosuke, ; best : takaki yuya, ; best : yabu kota, ; best : yaotome hikaru, ; fiction : collateral, ; fiction : main post, ; group : hey! say! 7, ; group : hey! say! best, ; group : hey! say! jump, ; group : sixtones, ; sixtones : jesse lewis, ; sixtones : kochi yugo, ; sixtones : kyomoto taiga, ; sixtones : matsumura hokuto, ; sixtones : morimoto shintaro, ; sixtones : tanaka juri
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